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“Through mobile apps we combine technology and kinesiology programs, with health related issues, to teach, entertain and coach generations to be the person they want to be.”

~ Steve Calhoun, Creator and CEO, GenZPlay

The GenZplay Difference

At GenZPlay we believe when an activity is fun and you see immediate results, the feeling of achievement or challenge will likely motivate you to do it again. This is called intrinsic motivation. GenZPlay is the first to offer apps that combine intrinsic motivation with a real outdoor gaming experience, encouraging generations to get out and play!

“Self motivated, self-rewarding activity really does make us happier. More importantly, it’s evidence that gamers aren’t escaping their real lives by playing games. They’re actively making their real lives more rewarding.”

~ Jane McGonigal, PhD

About US

What We Do

GenZPlay is on the forefront of mobile apps contributing to the ideology of wellness. By pioneering the idea of apps focused on intrinsic motivation and leveraging the recent boom in health-related applications for smartphones and tablets, we are bringing the concept of exergaming to the outdoors. Creating fun and exciting computer applications to be enjoyed outside by all ages ages and abilities.

Why We Do It

We want to create interactive games that are fun for children as well as parents. As parents, we try to give our children the best possible head start in life. Why not learn with our children about the world outside, as we help them to respect the beauty of nature and the challenges that entertaining physical excercise can bring.

“Especially with younger kids, you need to make exercise ‘play based.’ Kids need to learn to move, and they need to move to learn.”

~Cammy Dennis, fitness director of On Top of the World Communities Inc., Ocala, Florida



“At GenZPlay, we want to create interactive games that are fun for children as well as parents.”

~ Steve Calhoun, Creator and CEO, GenZPlay



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